by Kathy Anne Resasco


Intense Pulsed Light System with LHE™ technology.  SpectraClear™ Intense Pulsed Light system safely and precisely delivers LHE™ technology (light and heat energy) to the skin surface for optimal hair reduction. It’s the clear choice for photoepilation compared to any laser or other intense pulsed light system

SpectraClear™ Benefits for the consumer:

• Fast and comfortable treatments
• Simple! No creams, gels, wax or mess
• Significantly less epidermal heat and discomfort
• Affordable, long terms results without a long term investment
• Safe
• Anesthesia unnecessary

Photoepilation: The SpectraClear System features proprietary LHE technology based on the principle of selective photothermolysis. Specific amounts of light and thermal energy target and heat the melanin in the hair follicles and ultimately disable the hair bulb. The key to achieving hair reduction is to disable the hair bulb without damaging surrounding skin, which is the hallmark of SpectraClear System. The pulsed light is proprietarily filtered to a desired spectrum wavelength which targets the chromophore melanin in the hair shaft and maximizes the transfer of the LHE energy only to the hair shaft; the shaft then acts as a heat sink allowing the LHE energy to travel down the shaft to enter, disable and destroy the hair bulge and bulb.







According to the National Institutes of Health, 17 million people in the US are afflicted with Acne Vulgaris. Over 80% of the population aged 14-30 will suffer from acne regardless of gender, skin type or geography and 25% will have permanent scars. Traditional topical applications and oral drug therapies can have negative side affects and can take at least 3 months of continuous treatments while conditions often worsen before they improve.

That’s All About to Change.
SpectraClear treats mild to moderate inflammatory acne lesions in 1/3 the time it takes for standard topical and oral treatments, without adverse side effects.

How does SpectraClear Work?
SpectraClear delivers a deeply penetrating green-yellow wavelength light to activate a photo thermal reaction in the porphyrin molecules, causing the release of free oxygen to destroy P. Acnes bacteria. Heat simultaneously delivered to the skin accelerates the photo thermal reaction and bacteria destruction. The additional red wavelength light activates the porphyrin to reduce the inflammation common to acne lesions.

A comprehensive program of treatments over a period of time has been proven to provide acne multiple clearance on average of up to 90%. Treatment sessions are simple, virtually painless, can be administered by our staff and last only approximately 10 minutes. This is an important consideration when treating teenagers or easily agitated patients.


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