DermaMax is a scientifically advanced new facial and body rejuvenation machine. The system uses a particle-free technology that provides a non-invasive microdermabrasion to help cleanse, exfoliate, hydrate and diminish several skincare conditions.

Photodynamic Light Therapy (PDT) has been used for years to treat specific types of cancer and has recently evolved to include treatment of a variety of dermatological and aesthetic conditions.  DermaMax PDT uses the technology of pulsed low frequency ultrasonic waves (USW), combined or alone, in a variety of anti-aging skincare protocols. Low frequency USW inversely create longer waves which travel further and penetrate deeper into the tissue than high frequency waves because high frequency waves are more easily scattered and weakened by skin tissue.

DermaMax treats many dermatological conditions by stimulating reactive chromophores in cells. It can increase new tissue growth, cell rejuvenation, stimulate collagen and elastin formation, reduce age spots, fine lines and wrinkles, treat psoriasis and rosacea, destroy acne producing bacteria to clear acne and prevent future breakouts.

DermaMax’s Intense PDT with Ultrasonic Wave technology does not use heat or any kind of invasive process, but stimulates the tissue and triggers the body to convert light energy into cell energy. Skin permeability is greatly increased during ultrasonic treatment and product is transdermally transported, or "driven" into the targeted epidermal or dermal layers with sonic waves. With no risk of adjacent tissue damage, treatments with Intense PDT with Ultrasonic Waves are painless and have virtually no contraindications or complications.

DermaMax can also temporarily improve the appearance of fine lines and overall skin tone. The system's four different hand pieces and applicators precisely deliver high frequency mechanical exfoliation, vacuum lifting, fine line plumping, deep moisturization, improve circulation and muscle toning. The end result is a system that uses multiple modalities on the face and body for outstanding cosmetic results.

DermaMax technology provides exfoliation of the stratum corneum layer of the epidermis through the ultrasonic mechanical oscillation of the Bi-Elastic Blade in conjunction with a liquid medium that is topically applied to the skin. These series of vibrations remove dead cells, excess sebum, residual make-up and other toxic environmental substances. To facilitate the clearing function, DermaMax uses Oxygen Botanicals activators and serums through the liquid medium for highly effective results delivers exfoliation comparable to standard crystal microdermabrasion without the abrasive side effects. Provides clearing of pigmentation without bleaches or chemicals.


Another feature of DermaMax is that it provides optimal hydration to the freshly cleansed and exfoliated skin. The vibrations assist in penetrating the Oxygen Botanicals activator and customized serums into the skin providing deep hydration, increasing blood circulation resulting in cell nourishment and removal of toxins.

Photo LED Light Therapy Super Intensity LED (SILED) delivers an energizing illumination very close to the skin in an intense concentrated form. It combines the healing of color light therapy with botanical extracts. The acne protocol combines Oxygen Botanicals Acne Serum and the blue light wavelength of SILED has a purifying effect to help diminish blemishes for acne-prone skin.

The hyperpigmentation protocol combines Oxygen Botanicals hyperpigmentation serum with green light wavelength of SILED which targets age spots and dark pigmentation while penetrating deeper than traditional blue light. The Rosacea and Couperose protocols combine Oxygen Botanicals Rosacea or Couperose serums with yellow light wavelength of SILED helps sooth the skin to detoxify and encourage Iymphatic drainage. The rejuvenating protocol combines Oxygen Botanicals face-lift serum with red light wavelength of SILED for circulation, toning, elastin stimulation and collagen reformation.

DermaMax also helps minimize fine lines and provide Iymphatic drainage - the vacuum stimulates Iymphatic movement which assists with the skin's removal of toxins and increases circulation.

DermaMax offers a wide variety of non-invasive procedures that combines color, light, and botanical rejuvenation of the skin. It is the best  anti-aging treatment for your skin.

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